Month: June 2014

I could be the "Extra Credit"!

  “Mom, you won’t believe what we talked about in psychology today.  The psychological effects of becoming blind!” …shuuut the front door…no way….for real?!?! Tell me more! He told me the professor asked if anyone in class knew someone who was blind. He raised his…

What a Difference!

A year ago…..I was on vacation with my family taking in the happy and fun of Disneyland. I had no idea I was losing my vision. I didn’t know what LHON was or that it even existed. What a difference a year can make….

"B" is for…..?

  I LOVE THIS!  I just got a gift from a dear friend. It’s a beautiful silver bracelet with a charm that has a little letter “B” on it. What does that “B” stand for? … No…NOT the B word that rhymes with ”witch”! …