The Show Must Go On For This Band Mom

This is my 7th year as a high school “Band Mom”. I have supported and watched my kids practice, perform, and compete countless times in our school’s award-winning marching band. This year, because of my vision loss, I hear the music and see nothing a fog on the field. No kids, no formations or snazzy visuals. I can sense from the music, it’s another ahh-mazing show! I’ve seen enough field shows to know, a fantastic show will grab your attention musically and visually!! The music part I got. So, how do I get me some visual?

Image: A photo of me holding and iPad up to my face as I view the marching band on the field through the camera.

I use the camera on the iPad and I zoom in on the field. It’s not perfect, and it’s probably blurry…like that matters!  What matters is that I’m there and can “see” the kids performing out on the field! …I could easily choose to be sitting at home pouting with a package of Oreos…double stuff!  *credit to my son who took this photo unbeknownst to me at the time.

I suspect some people around me think “Why the hell does she have that iPad all up in her face like that?” … Oh, because I love the feel of the burn in my arms as I hold the iPad up to my face for long periods of time! Yeah THAT’S why! Ha ha!  Okay,  I know I don’t look different, but my vision IS.  This is my “different” way of watching a performance that I have always enjoyed. That blurry view is as good as it’s gonna get, and I’ll TAKE IT!! ...If you bring me a Starbucks coffee, I’ll take that too!

Image: The marching band as seen thru my iPad

I am thankful for assistive technology and I will admit sometimes I feel self-conscious using it in public. After watching my daughter and her high school marching band perform last weekend, through my iPad, I said to my son “God, people must think that I looked kinda weird.” My son said Mom, when you got up to leave and pulled out your cane, I’m sure it made sense to everyone.” …. Yeah, oookay. …. Damn, another win for the white cane!  

6 Comments on “The Show Must Go On For This Band Mom

  1. Maria, God bless you. This is my 4th year and I’ve watched you go through this heart breaking process. I love you and your blog….you bring it home with tears to my eyes. I wish I had your strength to face the ahitty hand you were dealt. Hugs to you!!!


    • Brendan… I said it all in person, And I’ll say it again, thank you for your kind and supportive words. I appreciate your help and your hilarious knee slapping humor! So, next time… let me drive the golf cart and you hold the coffee! Wait… bad idea!! You shouldn’t hold the coffee while I drive, It might spill when I run over a few band parents.. I’ll do my best to stay “Fuck yesed!” xo


  2. that was absolutely fantastic Maria…thank you.
    Unfortunately could not locate Molly…………….

    Loved loved watching………..
    Love you


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the video of our amazing marching band! Molly is in there somewhere…. But even with the best vision, it’s hard to find & follow any kid on that field! xoxo


  3. Awe Maria, we are so proud of you for sticking that IPad up in your face so that you can continue being Molly’s and Mira Mesa band’s most proud cheerleader!!! And dragging that cane out is awesome!! You Rock
    G G B!!!!


    • Thanks Lee! Working at being an example of how it’s done! Not easy….. But with so much support, I can keep trying!! XO


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