Where is the joy?

il_570xN.345648626Have you heard the phrase ”The joy is in the Journey?  I heard it the other day, and my first thought was… I don’t get it. My next thought was… Where is the “joy” in my journey?  How do I find the “joy” in learning to live with  unexpected vision loss?

Okay, Let’s get into this one. What is “the journey”?  I’m not talking about a road trip across the country or a weight loss program, Those are journeys you choose to go on.  I’m talking about the journey that is a process, a reinvention of sorts, that you did not choose to go on. The kind of journey that begins with your world collapsing and the universe screaming, “Surprise! Here’s your new life and it starts now! What ‘cha gonna do with it!” ….Weight,Whaat? Holy shit!  …I know! That’s exactly what I said when I was surprised with LHON!

speed_bumps_kill_earthThinking back on 2014, learning to live with LHON was….well, I wouldn’t say it was overflowing with “joy”. So, Where is there joy in the transition from a sighted to a blind way of life?  Where? Then, I heard one of my long-time mentors say “Getting through the difficulties and over the speed bumps are accomplishments we should be excited about!”  Wow, lightbulb moment! Right? 

jumping-for-joyLet me see if I understand this… if adjusting to LHON was a breeze with no tears or tizzy fits, I would be missing out on important pieces of the journey.  The extra struggles, and difficulties is stuff you and I can’t miss.  Why? Becuuzzz the feelings of “Joy” comes from our accomplishments, friendships, and personal growth that occur during the crazy hot mess moments!  We need to acknowledge that feeling of joy!! It’s ours! Ohhhh yeah…That is some good “jump for joy” kind of shit right there! Someone said “Every single difficulty that we get through is an investment in your own personal development.” Did you hear that?  That is so true and I couldn’t agree more! 

Okay…Now I get it!  The “joy” is what you receive from investing in your personal journey. The feelings of joy may be hard to find and acknowledge…… Joy is not always obvious amongst the struggles. ~ Just keep looking…. No eyesight required!

IA note to all my readers ~

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2015, and hope you discover and accept the joys of any journey life gives you!  XO


5 Comments on “Where is the joy?

  1. Happy New Year Marie to you & all your family. You truly are an inspiration to everyone. Looking forward to meeting you in June, 2015…


    • Thank you for the kind words Pat! Looking forward to meeting you and Lisa in June as well! Wishing you all the best in 2015!


    • Dearest Miko –
      Thanks for all you’ve done for me in 2014 to help my journey!! We are a great team and look forward to a grandiose 2015!! Love and hugs!


  2. that’s right it is difficult. You know I’m on my own journey and 2015 will be difficult with 2 surgeries, more meds, more doctor visits, with the hope for a cure for Diabetes (which probably won’t happen in my lifetime). But we MARCH on. And that’s why laughter and humour is so important. Oh, and spotted dick. You can’t go through 2015 without eating your spotted dick! (Food porn people…get your heads out of the gutter) LOL.

    Love ya – Mel.


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