Lots to Watch and Nothing to See

Maybe someday it won’t bother me that I’m the only one in the crowd who isn’t able to do it.

Maybe someday it won’t bother me that I’m not able to feast my eyes on the colorful, the cuteness, or the catastrophes that pass us by everyday.

Maybe someday it won’t bother me that I am no longer able to indulge in the fine art of “people watching”. Maybe.

fearless-people-are-interesting-to-watch-quote-1People watching is pure visual entertainment. It’s fun and fascinating to most. It can be done anytime with anyone, or no one at all.  People watching can be done anywhere… like at the airport, the mall, a coffeehouse or bar, a park, a sporting event, the doctor’s office, etc., etc., etc. It’s free to do when you’re waiting, bored, or just pondering and passing the time. It’s the kind of thing us older types did BEFORE you could carry a phone with you.< GaaaasP! > I know, I know, unimaginable! People watching is an activity that everybody does. Whether you realize it or not, you do it. It’s human nature my friends. Now, as for the current me, there’s lots to watch and nothing to see.

12931248_10207416943556640_6564270121883960879_nThere’s not much to “watch” through my eyes, and it’s such a bummer!! Watching people can be so interesting depending upon where you are!  I recently went to one of the best places to binge watch people….Las Vegas! Now THAT place is the visual entertainment capital of the world!! As my family strolled down the busy strip, they would see people and harmlessly whisper… or sporadically blurt out comments about the goings on around us.

”Wow… those ladies are too old to be wearing those outfits!” Me: How old do they look? Sorta old or old old? what are they wearing? Miniskirts? Crop tops? Slutty shoes? Whaaat?

“Are those actual Chippendale guys over there?” Me: Black bowties, black pants, and six pack abs? Where? Where? Take me closerrrr..Show mama the eye candy!

OMG… That lady is practically naked with little dangly things hanging from her boobs!” Me: We’re in Vegas… no surprise… I know what boobs look like…keep walking!

“Look! There’s a guy over there who looks like Walter White! Me: who? Wait… The guy from Breaking Bad? Does he reeeally look like him? In what way? Huh? Huh?  

little-girl-screamYou guys, the GGB struggle is REAL! Oh…Oh… that’s  a hashtag!  I totally admit that I’m just like a little six-year-old who won’t shut up! “What zat? What zis? What zat?” It was Vegas for God sakes! I need deeeetails and don’t even think of leaving out the GOOD stuff!!

I know there are lots of ways to enjoy my surroundings without using vision. The sound of slot machines, roulette wheels, and the glow of bright Las Vegas lights are all very exciting. There’s no place like it! But, there is something to be said about taking in the sights of the people! I suspect that many of you would agree that gorging at the “All you can watch” people buffet is definitely part of the overall Las Vegas experience. It just is. My kids will vouch for that!! 

With big advancements happening every day in the world of sophisticated superhero assistive technology… I have no doubt there will be a device or app to assist us very soon! C’mon! They have an app for everything! Any and all technology is appreciated by us blind kids…. But, nothing will ever make up for the loss of our God-given ability to stare at those sexy pieces of Chippendale eye candy! WAIT!  Whoopsie! Uhhh, I mean, our ability to watch and ponder the stories of the people who pass us by everyday. 

14 Comments on “Lots to Watch and Nothing to See

    • Hey girl… that’s a compliment coming from one of the funniest girls I know! xo


  1. Another great post! Love your humor and sarcastic ways. Keep it going girl!


    • Thank you Bob! I appreciate the kind words and encouragement!! I will keep it up!!


  2. lets hope this will take…every time i go on and on about your abundant and imagnative writing,. the web site says “you already said that” and deletes my comments….i know of no one else who is able to take a horrible blow to your life and make it yours….funny, imaginative and so very human………..you are just plain a rockstar maria….always were but not a widely read and “published” rockstar….i adore you maria


    • Thank you Auntie Myra!
      As usual, your words make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy!! Your endless support means so much! ~ Lots of love to you! xo


  3. Great blog. You are so funny & talented in your blog writing. You share your struggle, so we understand it. And at the same time you make light of it, and the best of it too.


    • Thank you Rosalina! I really feel that the more I understand what I’m going through… the more my friends can understand what I’m going through and the ways I cope with it all. I always appreciate your help and support… Hugs!! xo


  4. As always you give light to the darkness even for those of us who are not visually impaired. Thank you for reminding me of how I need to be more descriptive when talking to my son, John Walters. Prayers continue for a cure for LHON.


    • Thank you Sheila! You know it warms my heart to hear that I can give insight to the friends and family that surround us! Sometimes us blind kids forget how difficult it is for our loved ones to know how to help us. John is very lucky to have your loving support! Take care! xo


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