Those Moments that Medicate

All of us blind kids have a good “You won’t believe what happened!” story to share. Most likely, we have more than 1, or 2, or 20 stories. Stories involving close calls, mishaps, or good blind intentions that caused us to feel slightly embarrassed or totally mortified. The various “situations” we get into are not because we are clueless or careless. They occur because we are legally blind.

peoplelaughingI’ve heard lots of stories from friends in the blind community. The common theme is a simple one….an innocent mistake is made due to our vision loss.

On social media, these laughable moments have been categorized as “Blind girl problems” or “Blind guy problems”. Now I am well aware of The fact that not eeeevery blind problem or moment has a humorous flavor to it. Duh. I mean, If it doesn’t taste like something deliciously funny… then honey, we send it back and order dessert!  Anyway…what I am saying here is that some of the crazier blind problems can be downright “laugh my fucking ass off for days” funny! I recently had a sitch that could’ve fallen into the “totally mortified blind girl problems” category. It was sooo close.

The husby and I we’re heading into Costco last week. As he walked over to grab a cart, I boldly decided to look for a trashcan to throw away my gum. I use the term “look” loosely. I looked over to my right and I saw a trashcan shaped object next to the wall. “Oh good” I thought, and I headed over there, with cane in hand. I got within a foot of the brown object and as I reached for the wad of gum in my mouth… I felt a jolt go through my body. It was as if the universe had tasered me. Like on an episode of “Cops”! Sorta…okay, not really, but pretty close! I froze. The object was not a trashcan. It was an older gentlemen…… or lady…OH fuck if I know!….wearing brown clothing, sitting next to the wall. Holy shit! I quickly turned and walked away. Oh… My… God! What a close call! HOW would I have even handled that? Apologize and offer to cut the gum out of their hair?? I don’t even KNOOOOW! What I do know, is that I CAN share that story AND laugh about it.

As I already said, not every “blind girl or guy problem” story, situation, or incident has to be shared. The horrible and stressful moments we encounter, can be quite upsetting. I suggest that those types of experiences, or other issues, be discussed on the comfy couch in a therapist’s office. (That’s what I do, and I strongly encourage anyone to seek professional counseling if they need to.)  The harmless and hilarious experiences are the ones we enjoy sharing and hearing about.

laughter-best-medicine-illustration-colorful-photos-hanging-lines-words-51149307 (1)They say “Laughter is the best medicine” and I thrive on that medicine. I want as much as I can  possibly get to help lighten up this unexpected life! Thank God we don’t need a doctor’s prescription for laughter! We just need to surround ourselves with the right people who will create and nourish those moments that medicate! 

6 Comments on “Those Moments that Medicate

  1. Hey, Life is full little oops moments. My kids love those. I also have LHON. I went blind when I was 17. I have three children. I am now 34 years old. Life still has its moments and I always need laughter. Although sometimes I just want to throw things. I have my second guide dog. Which makes for many interesting moments. I know your journey with LHON is newer than mine so feel free to email me if you want. Keep smiling even when you can not tell who you are smiling at and even when you try to go home with the wrong man. j well mostly I just wanted to say hi and to say we have the same eye condition in common. Any way nice Blog – Angela


    • hi Angela!
      Thank you so much for checking out my blog and introducing yourself! May I ask how you found my blog? Just because I like to know how people find me here.

      I agree.I am a new kid on the block compared to you and many others in the LHON community. I would love to talk with you further! I will shoot you an email in the next few days!! 🙂


  2. GOOGLE is lovely. I typed in LHON woman blog.
    Your blog was one of the ones shown.

    Well I do hope you have a fun weekend.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


  3. This post was super-hilarious. Incidents such as these can get quite interesting, so I try to be more considerate and cautious than downright intrepid. However, that doesn’t prevent me from experiencing the extreme, I just try do be regulated in my actions, so that I don’t fall into potentially mortifying situations such as the one you shared!


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