Month: August 2016

8 Things You Should Never Assume About A Blind Person At Social Gatherings

I understand it’s hard to know how to accommodate or communicate with someone who has little to no vision. I didn’t know about any of this “blind etiquette” stuff until I lost much of my own vision 3 years ago. I’ve always enjoyed going…

I Didn't Know Bottles Could Talk

SHUT the front door! Are you kidding me? WHY has no one told me about this?? I have been legally blind for almost 3 years and I’m just now finding out about these! This blind find needs to be shared!! What the hell am I…

Making Blind Assumptions

My kitchen is the place where visual guessing games are played. I’m not very good at them. This might be due to me being overly, or underly, confident with my eyesight. I tend to make assumptions very quickly about what something IS or ISN’T….