Month: September 2017

When You Lose Your Sight, Do You Gain Super Hero Hearing?

“Did your hearing get better after you lost your vision?”. I can almost guarantee that someone will ask me this question when having a conversation about my vision loss. Hey, I understand…inquiring minds want to know, and I have no problem answering this commonly…

Blind Reflections | Alyssa Price

Seeing The Beauty of Our Family Vacation | A Blind Reflection by Alyssa Price We went to Hawaii and I couldn’t see everything my family did. Being completely color blind (except for blue) and being visually impaired at the same time sort of ripped some…

Embrace The Cane | By Sassy Wyatt

I first read this blog post, by Sassy Wyatt, several months ago and I absolutely loved it. It was genuine, honest, and REAL. I could relate to it in a million different ways. I recently reread it, and I still feel the same way….