Another one rides the bus!

I have a valid drivers license and a car. I have LHON and I’m legally blind. Soooo, the license and car really don’t do me any good, because I can’t drive. Well, wait… the license is a great form of ID and allows me to buy bottles of good wine. For the love of GGB, if I can’t drive, Let me keep the little things…. pleeease!!!

Google-driverless-carNow until they make driverless cars available,…I’m so getting one… I have to rely on other forms of transportation. I am incredibly lucky to have friends and family who are willing to drive me or my kids to places we need to go. Damn lucky and grateful! But, the truth is, sometimes I want to get to places BY MYSELF!!!  Go out on my own, on the open road, rockin’ down the highway, like I did for 34 driving years. It’s still hard to believe that I can’t drive… Shit, I still can’t believe I’m blind.

A loss of any kind can be devastating and motivating at the same time. It really can be. Is easy to let devastation run-amuck in your head and take over for days.  It’s hard to dig up the inner motivation to move forward….to push that “devastation biatch” aside like an episode of “Jerry Springer” and kick some ass!  Trust me on this…..When you get tired of feeling like a prisoner in you own vision loss dungeon of doom, you will find the motivation to get up and out. You will want to break free, you can taste it, and ONLY YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

photo 1I wanted out. I broke free. I got on a bus by myself! Yep, I finally rode the local MTS Access bus for people with disabilities. I had them pick me up at my house and take me to the Braille Institute where I take classes. It’s only about 6 miles, so I thought it would be an easy first trip for Girl Gone Nervous!   So, how was it?? It was not only easy, but I  met a new friend who also goes to the Institute on the same day!

photo (1)What a BONUS!  Her name is Desiree, and she  was cheerful and a delight!  She was full of encouragement and the universe could not have placed a better person on the bus with me that day. The positive energy I felt from her brightened my morning, and bus ride. It was a great experience to help rebuild my self-confidence. Nothing says confidence like a “GGB Selfie”! Right?!? Ha ha!!

Scheduling and riding that bus was another step towards personal mobility and independence! YAY!! If you want to meet for coffee at Starbucks, Let me know two days in advance so I can schedule my saa-weet ride!  Not exactly spontaneous, but, I’ll f*cking take it!

9 Comments on “Another one rides the bus!

  1. Girl-what the hell?! You’re blind and STILL take a better selfie than me!! You are amaze-balls-love and kisses!


  2. You are always pushing yourself to bigger and better adventures–nothing can keep you down. You’re simply real and amazing!


  3. Awesome!! Love to hear it, nice play on the Queen tune – it did not go unnoticed. 🙂


  4. once again, you rocked it! What a great blog and I know how hard this was and I’m super proud of you. YOU GO GIRL.


  5. Tomorrow another Bus ride? So pleased for you to have made yet another step into independence.
    After they spent time with you, at Auntie Margie’s birthday, the Cousins have shared many compliments on your amazing, strong and fun self!!! Xoxo ,Lee


  6. As always, M1 is rocking it! Looking forward to coffee tomorrow…M1 & M2 together at last!


  7. It was only yesterday when applying for a Disabled Parking permit that my Drivers Licence was official stopped for renewal. If someone asks for you to get a Disabled Parking permit be aware your licence will be canceled. Like you I loved the idea of being blind yet having a valid drivers licence.
    I love your blog and I have just now subscribed! I am currently reading through your previous blogs.


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