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Blind Reflections | Sandra Pajaro

Please Understand That I Am Confident In My Abilities To Do Things On My Own | A Blind Reflection By Sandra Pajaro The other day, I must have been wearing a sign that said, “Grab My Wrist And Pull Me!”. Oh wait, I wasn’t… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Sandra Pajaro”

Blind Reflections | Chrissy Terry

A family photo of the Terry family. Chrissy is the woman on the left, along with her husband and 3 kids.

Will Seeking Compassion And Providing Education About My Sight Loss Ever End? | A Blind Reflection By Chrissy Terry “This is my long Facebook post from 2 years ago (2017). Every single word is still very true today. We are still seeking compassion and… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Chrissy Terry”

Blind Reflections | Lynne Nicholson

Don’t Limit Yourself  | A Blind Reflection by Lynne Nicholson Obstacles can seem insurmountable. Two years ago, if you’d told me that I’d be making quilts on my sewing machine, I’d have thought you were crazy, as I had learned a month prior I… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Lynne Nicholson”

Blind Reflections | Dena Lacis

What Bothers Me The Most? | A Blind Reflection By Dena Lacis Recently, my daughter asked me a question. She wanted to know what one thing bothers me the most since losing my vision. One thing? Is there just one thing? I thought about… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Dena Lacis”

Blind Reflections | Alison Fordham

A Tattoo Tribute To My Mom | A Blind Reflection By Alison Fordham In 2016, my Mom lost her vision. First in one eye, and then the other. After endless appointments, testing, and waiting for many months, she was diagnosed with LHON. She is… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Alison Fordham”

Blind Reflections | Jonathan Dator

Adventures In Being Legally Blind | A Blind Reflection By Jonathan Dator This winter I was up in Boston at the Copley Place Mall shopping for a leather jacket. When I found one I really liked the employee working at the store said, “But….that’s… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Jonathan Dator”

Blind Reflections | Justin Holland

It was just another day on Twitter when Justin Holland decided to search the hashtag, “#LHON”, to see what would pop up. You see, he also has Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), just like me. Well, whose tweets do you think popped up? Yep.… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Justin Holland”

Blind Reflections | Dawn McCormick

I Had To Tell My Son He Was Going Blind | A Blind Reflection By Dawn McCormick | In February 2010, Joe McCormick was a happy, healthy 17 year old high school senior when he was diagnosed with Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON). LHON… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Dawn McCormick”

Blind Reflections | Chrissy Terry

I Watched My Children’s Faces Fade As I Lost My Sight | A Blind Reflection by Chrissy Terry | Two years ago on October 9, 2015, my life changed forever. I had so much going on at work that when I woke up to… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Chrissy Terry”

Blind Reflections | Alyssa Price

Seeing The Beauty of Our Family Vacation | A Blind Reflection by Alyssa Price We went to Hawaii and I couldn’t see everything my family did. Being completely color blind (except for blue) and being visually impaired at the same time sort of ripped some… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Alyssa Price”