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Showing Up With Vision Loss — Even When It’s Hard

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” – Brene Brown When I’m asked to speak about how I pulled myself through the hard stuff after my vision loss, I tend to start flipping through my mental photo… Continue Reading “Showing Up With Vision Loss — Even When It’s Hard”

Age Is Just A Number | Learning After Vision Loss

After becoming legally blind at the feisty and fabulous age of 50, I thought there was no way in hell that I would be able to learn how to use my phone and computer in a different way – nor did I want to.… Continue Reading “Age Is Just A Number | Learning After Vision Loss”

Blindness, Binoculars, And A Beautiful Bride

Recently, there was a photo shared on social media that caught my attention. The photo was posted by Shannon Elliott. It captured a special moment at her brother Brandon’s wedding. The moment when Brandon looks down the aisle at his beautiful bride. He wanted… Continue Reading “Blindness, Binoculars, And A Beautiful Bride”

Empowering My Invisible Disability With A Touch Of Ink

There are many types of invisible disabilities. They are conditions I suspect many people would like to forget – even if it was just for a day. Unfortunately, that’s usually not a choice. Disabilities, seen or unseen, often come with unwanted physical and emotional… Continue Reading “Empowering My Invisible Disability With A Touch Of Ink”

Simple Strategies For Responding To Comments About Your Vision Loss

People say the darndest things, don’t they? Do you ever wonder why family, friends, or even complete strangers say the things they do about you and your vision loss? You know, things that make you go “Hmmmm”. Well, chances are, they’re just trying to… Continue Reading “Simple Strategies For Responding To Comments About Your Vision Loss”

Listen With The Lights Off: 19 Podcasts About Blindness | Susan Kennedy

I was thrilled to be featured on this podcast list! Check out all 19 of Susan Kennedy’s podcast picks and what she had to say about them! ★ Since I loaded my beloved orange iPod mini with Fresh Air episodes, I’ve enjoyed podcasts. Gaining a disability… Continue Reading “Listen With The Lights Off: 19 Podcasts About Blindness | Susan Kennedy”

Blind Reflections | Alison Fordham

A Tattoo Tribute To My Mom | A Blind Reflection By Alison Fordham In 2016, my Mom lost her vision. First in one eye, and then the other. After endless appointments, testing, and waiting for many months, she was diagnosed with LHON. She is… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Alison Fordham”

I’m A Bad _______ – But It’s Not Because I’m Blind! | Blind Beader

I don’t know what it is, but I run across many people in my daily life who assume that blind people are super dependent on others for every little life task, or can do anything and everything extraordinarily well.  To muddy the waters even… Continue Reading “I’m A Bad _______ – But It’s Not Because I’m Blind! | Blind Beader”

Blind Reflections | Jonathan Dator

Adventures In Being Legally Blind | A Blind Reflection By Jonathan Dator This winter I was up in Boston at the Copley Place Mall shopping for a leather jacket. When I found one I really liked the employee working at the store said, “But….that’s… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Jonathan Dator”

The Girl Gone Blind Podcast Collection

A podcast collection? Yes, I just put it together! This collection contains interesting, insightful, and incredible conversations I’ve had with some fantastic people from many parts of the world. Although you can find links to a plethora of podcasts, and other good stuff, under… Continue Reading “The Girl Gone Blind Podcast Collection”