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“Now I’ll Guide You” – The Meaning Behind Her Tattoo

  My daughter Molly had just turned 14 years old back in September 2013. Her only concerns were her friends and enjoying her first year of high school. All was good until life threw “your mom is going blind” into the middle of her… Continue Reading ““Now I’ll Guide You” – The Meaning Behind Her Tattoo”

Empowering My Invisible Disability With A Touch Of Ink

There are many types of invisible disabilities. They are conditions I suspect many people would like to forget – even if it was just for a day. Unfortunately, that’s usually not a choice. Disabilities, seen or unseen, often come with unwanted physical and emotional… Continue Reading “Empowering My Invisible Disability With A Touch Of Ink”

Blind Reflections | Alison Fordham

A Tattoo Tribute To My Mom | A Blind Reflection By Alison Fordham In 2016, my Mom lost her vision. First in one eye, and then the other. After endless appointments, testing, and waiting for many months, she was diagnosed with LHON. She is… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Alison Fordham”