“Now I’ll Guide You” – The Meaning Behind Her Tattoo


My daughter Molly had just turned 14 years old back in September 2013. Her only concerns were her friends and enjoying her first year of high school. All was good until life threw “your mom is going blind” into the middle of her teenage world.

Yeah. It was not an easy time for her. Molly and I have had our share of sad, angry, and “life is so unfair” conversations about LHON and my vision loss. With lotsa laughter and a tonah tears, we’ve managed to get through most of it unscathed.

Fast forward 5 years.

Image: A photo of my daughter Molly and I,Molly is now 19, and one of the most resilient, strong, and compassionate young women I know. Is it because of what she has gone through? Adjusting to a blind mom? Maybe. Honestly, I don’t know too many young girls who have had to cope with their mother going blind in a matter of months. It was a game-changer, to say the least! Molly definitely had to grow up faster than most of her peers.

You may have read my recent blog titled, “Empowering My Invisible Disability With A Touch Of Ink”, where I talk about my first tattoo. What I did not mention, was this.

As I was getting my tattoo done, Molly was one chair over from me getting her third tattoo done. Another mother-daughter moment for the books right there!

She recently posted a photo of her tattoo on social media and this is what she wrote.

“Five years ago, on September 24, 2013, my mom – aka my world – was diagnosed with a rare disease which deemed her legally blind. Sighted or not, you’re amazing and still funny as hell! Thanks for guiding me when I was young. Now I’ll guide you, not into poles, and always tell you where the curbs are. I love you more than words could ever say! ❤️ mhj forever.” | 9/24/2018

So touching and sweet! Right? She is a beauty and a blessing to me! Oh, my Molly Mo – I love her so!

Tattoo Description:

The tattoo is in black ink and located on the inside of her upper right arm. In the center of the design is a simple circular compass. Along one side of the compass is the date of my LHON diagnosis, “Sept. 24, 2013”. On the opposite edge of the compass are my initials, “M.H.J.” – Which also happens to be her initials too. Surrounding the compass, are large wildflowers and sprigs of lavender. They were artistically shaded to give the flowers depth and detail. It’s amazing and so meaningful!! I LOVE IT!

Molly’s tattoo was done at SD Tattoo | San Diego, CA

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2 Comments on ““Now I’ll Guide You” – The Meaning Behind Her Tattoo

  1. Lovely post. When we count our blessings, daughters are number one.

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Hi Helen!
      hanks for reading! I agree. Thankful for the relationship I have with my daughter… aaaaand my son! xo


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