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I might forget the date, but i will always remember the day

“What does September 24th mean?” a friend asked as we sat in a group at a party. I looked over at him and said “What?”. It was so random and had nothing to do with the current conversation I was having. He asked again.… Continue Reading “I might forget the date, but i will always remember the day”

Showing Up With Vision Loss — Even When It’s Hard

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” – Brene Brown When I’m asked to speak about how I pulled myself through the hard stuff after my vision loss, I tend to start flipping through my mental photo… Continue Reading “Showing Up With Vision Loss — Even When It’s Hard”

Blind Reflections | Chrissy Terry

A family photo of the Terry family. Chrissy is the woman on the left, along with her husband and 3 kids.

Will Seeking Compassion And Providing Education About My Sight Loss Ever End? | A Blind Reflection By Chrissy Terry “This is my long Facebook post from 2 years ago (2017). Every single word is still very true today. We are still seeking compassion and… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Chrissy Terry”

When Your Son Goes Blind | Camille Dolan

Featured image is a photo of Tanner Dolan enjoying Bahia Honda in the Florida Keys.

Every day, he continued to say it wasn’t a big deal that he had lost his sight, because “a lot of people have it worse than I do.” There is nothing in the parenting manual that tells you what to do, well, ever. For… Continue Reading “When Your Son Goes Blind | Camille Dolan”

Age Is Just A Number | Learning After Vision Loss

After becoming legally blind at the feisty and fabulous age of 50, I thought there was no way in hell that I would be able to learn how to use my phone and computer in a different way – nor did I want to.… Continue Reading “Age Is Just A Number | Learning After Vision Loss”

Introducing my cane | Dr. Amy Kavanagh

I love when other bloggers share their thoughts and feelings about using a white cane.   A white cane is not an easy thing to start using. It’s a process that many of us have gone through be it willingly or unwillingly! If you… Continue Reading “Introducing my cane | Dr. Amy Kavanagh”

The Best Kind Of Help | Dr. Amy Kavanagh

After the great response to my last post “I’m Not A Fan Of Your Hands”, I wanted to feature this brilliant blog written by Dr. Amy Kavanagh to further educate others on the best kind of help for those with sight loss. The Best… Continue Reading “The Best Kind Of Help | Dr. Amy Kavanagh”

What Does It Mean To Be Legally Blind? | Derek Daniel

Over the years, I have had to explain that I cannot see as well as other people. I use a variety of terms, such as blind, visually impaired, low vision and so forth. One that many people use is the phrase “legally blind.” People… Continue Reading “What Does It Mean To Be Legally Blind? | Derek Daniel”

“Now I’ll Guide You” – The Meaning Behind Her Tattoo

  My daughter Molly had just turned 14 years old back in September 2013. Her only concerns were her friends and enjoying her first year of high school. All was good until life threw “your mom is going blind” into the middle of her… Continue Reading ““Now I’ll Guide You” – The Meaning Behind Her Tattoo”

Listen With The Lights Off: 19 Podcasts About Blindness | Susan Kennedy

I was thrilled to be featured on this podcast list! Check out all 19 of Susan Kennedy’s podcast picks and what she had to say about them! ★ Since I loaded my beloved orange iPod mini with Fresh Air episodes, I’ve enjoyed podcasts. Gaining a disability… Continue Reading “Listen With The Lights Off: 19 Podcasts About Blindness | Susan Kennedy”