The Best Kind Of Help | Dr. Amy Kavanagh

After the great response to my last post “I’m Not A Fan Of Your Hands”, I wanted to feature this brilliant blog written by Dr. Amy Kavanagh to further educate others on the best kind of help for those with sight loss.

The Best Kind Of Help | Dr. Amy Kavanagh

Many of you will be familiar with my #JustAskDontGrab campaign. I share my experiences of people who grab, push, pull and generally touch me without my consent under the promise of offering ‘help’. Check out my Just Ask Don’t Grab Campaign page for more information.

Today I wanted to share the best practice, the helping heroes, the people who really did do a good thing and made a difference. Here are my top tips on how to offer help and some of my best examples! To find out Amy’s top tips, continue reading at Cane Adventures! 

If you want to read more from Amy on her blog, go to Cane Adventures

Check out Amy’s #JustAskDontGrab Campaign and be sure to follow her on Twitter – @BlondeHistorian

GGB Note:

Many people who are legally blind, including myself, appreciate those who want to help us. It is not any blogger’s intention to discourage anyone from offering to help a person with a disability. Feel free to ask, not grab – we like our independence and personal space just as much as anyone else! xx

4 Comments on “The Best Kind Of Help | Dr. Amy Kavanagh

    • Hi! I agree that it is good to have people willing to help those who are disabled. Absolutely! Many bloggers, including myself, write about some of our experiences to help educate and help others to understand that there are better ways to assist/help us. Personally I do not like being pushed, pulled, grabbed, etc. by anyone – especially without asking if they can help me first. Just spreading a little awareness into the world!


  1. Hi Amy, I have CRVO and agree with the comments by IT4VIP in that many people wish to help those of us who are physically impaired. Some of us are rather frustrated but I would rather somebody prevent us walking out in front of a car when I struggle to see on a crossing, and somebody just saying leave them to their own devices! ‘I think u r too pc it is good that people want to help’. However I fully agree with your comment ask do not touch! Live life within your limits and enjoy It.


    • Hi Richard! Thank you for your comment for Amy. I will pass it along to her. Take care!


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