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What Is It Like To Be Blind At Christmas? | Tamara Gaudet

Christmas is my absolute, hands down favorite time of year. Has been ever since I was a little girl. I would wait for Santa and hope he heard my Christmas wish. Then, growing up Christmas traditions continued and my love for this holiday deepened further….

Blind Reflections | Alyssa Price

Seeing The Beauty of Our Family Vacation | A Blind Reflection by Alyssa Price We went to Hawaii and I couldn’t see everything my family did. Being completely color blind (except for blue) and being visually impaired at the same time sort of ripped some…

Thoughts For My Child Who Now Has a Blind Parent

For my child who drives to pick up their siblings because I can’t drive. For my child who may need to arrange for a ride from a friend because I can’t give them one. For my child who says “curb!” without even realizing it when walking…