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Introducing my cane | Dr. Amy Kavanagh

I love when other bloggers share their thoughts and feelings about using a white cane.   A white cane is not an easy thing to start using. It’s a process that many of us have gone through be it willingly or unwillingly! If you… Continue Reading “Introducing my cane | Dr. Amy Kavanagh”

Together Is Better – 4 Tips For Guiding Blind Walkers

Maria and her guide walker tethered together

A long brisk walk on a warm and sunny morning. That is something I love to do when I’m not teaching group fitness classes at the gym. I hit the hills alone with my thoughts to keep me company. Alone. All alone. Well, that’s how… Continue Reading “Together Is Better – 4 Tips For Guiding Blind Walkers”

Talk Before You Touch – Advice On Greeting A Blind Person

In life, don’t we all want more happiness and less hot mess? More amazing and less annoying? More personal space and less in-your-face? Did I hear the crowd say “Hell yes!”? I thought so — and I am right there with ya! I’m feeling… Continue Reading “Talk Before You Touch – Advice On Greeting A Blind Person”