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Are Fireworks Worth My Time – Now That I’m Legally Blind?

After the Fourth of July celebration here in the states, someone said to me, “You know, if I couldn’t see the fireworks show, I probably wouldn’t go. Is it hard for you to sit there while everyone else watches the fireworks?”. I said, “Well,… Continue Reading “Are Fireworks Worth My Time – Now That I’m Legally Blind?”

How He Sees – A Sister's Insight Into Her Brother's Sight Loss | Shannon Elliott

    Imagine.     Imagine living your life normally and then all of a sudden losing your vision.      Imagine being 25, living on your own, working at your dream job, being seven hours away from your family and becoming legally blind. … Continue Reading “How He Sees – A Sister's Insight Into Her Brother's Sight Loss | Shannon Elliott”

5 Benefits Of Sharing Your Sight Loss Story

So, you’re legally blind. Were you born blind or did you lose sight at a later age? Is it a big deal in your life, or Is it easy to ignore? Has sight loss made you a stronger person? Have you broken down barriers so… Continue Reading “5 Benefits Of Sharing Your Sight Loss Story”

I'm So Lucky That I Don't Look Blind | Georgie Bullen

What she said. A different perspective. One that I can relate to. ~ GGB As much as we like to think that we don’t make any judgements of people before we know them, my experience is that many do unfortunately judge a book by… Continue Reading “I'm So Lucky That I Don't Look Blind | Georgie Bullen”

Blind Reflections | Chrissy Terry

I Watched My Children’s Faces Fade As I Lost My Sight | A Blind Reflection by Chrissy Terry | Two years ago on October 9, 2015, my life changed forever. I had so much going on at work that when I woke up to… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Chrissy Terry”

When You Lose Your Sight, Do You Gain Super Hero Hearing?

“Did your hearing get better after you lost your vision?”. I can almost guarantee that someone will ask me this question when having a conversation about my vision loss. Hey, I understand…inquiring minds want to know, and I have no problem answering this commonly… Continue Reading “When You Lose Your Sight, Do You Gain Super Hero Hearing?”

Is "Blind" A Bad Word?

I recently had one of those random encounters with a stranger that got me thinking. Thinking about the comfort – actually, the discomfort, that some people have when it comes to saying the word “blind”. Is “blind” a bad word? Based on my past,… Continue Reading “Is "Blind" A Bad Word?”

The Beauty Of Resiliency In A Life After Sight Loss

Few things have such a huge impact on happiness and the enjoyment, depth, and fun of life as the friendships we have. It could be the friendships with people in our community, workplace, gym, or school. Close friendships can evolve with the people we’ve known… Continue Reading “The Beauty Of Resiliency In A Life After Sight Loss”

The Girl Gone Blind Podcast Collection

A podcast collection? Yes, I just put it together! This collection contains interesting, insightful, and incredible conversations I’ve had with some fantastic people from many parts of the world. Although you can find links to a plethora of podcasts, and other good stuff, under… Continue Reading “The Girl Gone Blind Podcast Collection”

Blind Reflections | Steven Reed

Reflecting on one of the best years of my life | A Blind Reflection by Steven Reed Today is my parents 46th wedding anniversary. It also happens to be the 3rd anniversary of the diagnosis of my sight loss condition, LHON, so it’s a… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Steven Reed”