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Blind Reflections | Dawn McCormick

I Had To Tell My Son He Was Going Blind | A Blind Reflection By Dawn McCormick | In February 2010, Joe McCormick was a happy, healthy 17 year old high school senior when he was diagnosed with Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON). LHON… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Dawn McCormick”

Blind Reflections | Chrissy Terry

I Watched My Children’s Faces Fade As I Lost My Sight | A Blind Reflection by Chrissy Terry | Two years ago on October 9, 2015, my life changed forever. I had so much going on at work that when I woke up to… Continue Reading “Blind Reflections | Chrissy Terry”

My Transition From Sighted Mom to Blind Mom

With Mother’s Day upon us here in the states, RNIB Connect Radio (UK) asked me to talk a little bit about my transition from a sighted mom to a mom who is legally blind. To say it was incredibly difficult would be an understatement. I had so many… Continue Reading “My Transition From Sighted Mom to Blind Mom”