Blind Reflections | Lynne Nicholson

Don’t Limit Yourself  | A Blind Reflection by Lynne Nicholson

Obstacles can seem insurmountable.

Two years ago, if you’d told me that I’d be making quilts on my sewing machine, I’d have thought you were crazy, as I had learned a month prior I was losing my sight – now I’m Blind Woman Sewing!

Two years ago, I thought my independence was gone and I would need help getting from A to B – now I’m Blind Woman Walking!

Two years ago, I thought I’d be a burden to my family but I still can babysit my grandson.
I thought my life would be sitting around waiting for people but I’m often out and about and even have started new interests including blind tennis – now I’m
Blind Woman Living Life To The Fullest!

Don’t let others limit you.
Don’t limit yourself.
There is always room to grow.

Via GGB Facebook – October 25, 2018

Photo description written by Lynne: A quilt in progress. There are hexagonal blocks made from equilateral triangles laid out on a bed to work out the final position on the quilt. Each hexagonal block is made from five triangles in a single autumnal print and one triangle made from plain navy fabric. There are a total of ten different autumnal prints in this embryo quilt. 

About Lynne

A cute illustrated picture of Lynne. She has blonde short hair a big smile and is waving. her hand as if to say Hello!Lynne Nicholson lives in the UK – in a place called Welwyn Garden City in the county of Hertfordshire. She was diagnosed with permanent sight loss at the age of 55, and was registered blind a year later.

I met Lynne thru my GGB Facebook page and she always has great things to contribute to GGB conversations, (like the above). She is fiercely independent and determined to live her life with passion, not pity.❤




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