Blind Reflections | Justin Holland

It was just another day on Twitter when Justin Holland decided to search the hashtag, “#LHON”, to see what would pop up. You see, he also has Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), just like me. Well, whose tweets do you think popped up? Yep. GGB’s! Of course there were other tweets sprinkled throughout mine, but I pretty much dominated his #LHON search. I know this, because I search #LHON on a regular basis myself.

Justin sent me a message and told me a little about himself – He was diagnosed with LHON 18 months ago, he is a vlogger on YouTube, and he has a serious passion for bodybuilding. At this point, I did what anybody else would do, I grabbed a glass of wine and stalked his Twitter, and zoomed in on his YouTube channel to get an idea of who this guy was. Wait, maybe “stalked” isn’t the right word…umm, let’s say I briefly perused his Twitter page and quickly glanced at his YouTube channel. Hey, it was legit research! Just making sure he was who he said he was…and he is. Justin is a blind bodybuilder who refuses to wallow in self-pity.

I promptly messaged him back which led to an awesome phone conversation. How do 2 people talk about LHON life for over an hour? I have no idea…it just happens! At the end of our conversation, I asked him if he would allow me to share one of his many videos on my blog. A video in which he talks about his diagnosis of LHON and life with vision loss. With his positive attitude and determination, I really wanted to feature him in my Blind Reflections Collection. Luckily, he said yes! If you want to follow Justin and his fitness journey, you will find links to his social media and YouTube channel below the video.

Bodybuilder Goes blind at 20 years old | A Blind Reflection video | By Justin Holland
Follow Justin Holland on YouTube and Social Media:
Justin Holland Fitness on YouTube
Justin Holland Fitness on Twitter and Facebook

4 Comments on “Blind Reflections | Justin Holland

  1. Thanks so much for posting Justin’s journey. What an amazing young man. Keep up the good work Maria. Look forward to every addition..
    Pat Smith


  2. try esight smart glasses-they have helped give good sight to many with LHON. go to

    best regards conrad lewis, founder of esight


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