So Yeah, That Happened! | The Cat Toy

Picture of Kingston, orange striped cat, And Murphy, black-and-white cat sleeping together on a bedWe adopted two cats just about a year ago, and I absolutely adore them. Their names are Kingston and Murphy. Kingston is the cool, calm, and collected cat, while Murphy is more of a drunk and disorderly cat. They bonded immediately, despite the difference in their personalities.

If you have cats, or any domesticated animals for that matter, they come with some things that need to be done for their care. Things like play with them, give them food and water daily, throw them a few tasty tuna treats every so often, love them, and everybody’s favorite task – clean the litter box, 

Okay, let’s talk about cleaning that box where my cats take bigger shits than my dog ever did! Oooops, I mean, let’s talk about the litter box.

Every day, I scoop, and I scoop, through the sand, like a gold miner looking for that next big gold nugget. When I can feel I’ve got something a little heavy on the scooper… I know I got me a nugget!  Unfortunately, it’s worth nothing – Just the satisfaction of knowing my cats are eating well because they shit like 10 times a day!

Once in a while, the cats shit outside of the litter box, (because they’re big fatty cats and they don’t know when their furry butts are too close to the side). Plop, Plop… right over the edge. Like poop pirates jumping from a burning ship! Usually my daughter will spot the dried-up pirates… but, not today.

I was headed down the hall to tend to the cats’ restroom, when I passed Murphy, playing so…well, drunk and disorderly like. Aww, he’s so cute! I think I’ll throw the toy down the hallway so he can run after it. Hmmm, where is that little stuffed mouse he loves so much? I reached down and picked it up so I could throw it. Oh God. No. Eeww! It was a slightly moist chunk of cat poop! A lone scallywag! I turned and threw it in the litter box. Okay, I’m blind, so I didn’t actually hit the sand, but it hit something…I’ll have the kids look for it later. And poor Murphy, I think he’s still looking for his wee pirate cat toy too!

So Yeah, that happened!

4 Comments on “So Yeah, That Happened! | The Cat Toy

  1. Oh Maria! As you know we’ve had cat family members for many years. The poop patrol was always my job too……. but I never had to fish those buried nuggets out of the box by feel! Only cat parents can fully identify with this post of yours!!! Lee


  2. Still can’t get over the fact that you name your cat Kingston and I named my son Kingston 😉


  3. so so sure do have a knack of stating what is probably ickey and annoying and make it fun and funny…………this happens to sighted folks too, me……my cat goes on the patio, in the dirt, but in the event i do not leave a door ajar i will frequently step on an unwanted poop….he does use sense…sometimes in the tub or a pile of newspapers i havent disposed of or the mat on the kitchen floor throw …..he is very dear to me, otherwise………………..


  4. It’s so entertaining when you have two animals and their personalities are so opposite! My dogs are somewhat like that. They get all offended if they touch each other, but they don’t like it if the other one is not there. We say they’re like an old married couple!


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