Be A Badass… Because You Never Know Who’s Watching

Kids are like sponges that absorb every attitude, approach and response they see from their parents or other adults as they go about their daily lives. Kids watch us as we laugh until we cry, face our fears, dance like divas, fight battles like badasses, eat cake With excitement, get back up when we fall down, eat more cake, and keep showing up to this thing called life. As adults, we should strive to be a good example for others, young and old.

Right after my diagnosis of LHON in 2013, my Neuro-ophthalmologist sat with me and said, “You need to be an example for your family and friends with how you handle this…”. When I heard this gibberish, I thought my doctor had lost his damn mind! But, as time passed, I began to understand what he meant. Be a Badass. THAT’S what he meant.

Recently, my daughter, Molly, has taken notice of the amazing resiliency and attitude of our dear friend and neighbor Sheryl. Sheryl has battled ovarian cancer over the last couple years, and is currently winning the fight! I have written about her in a past blog (The Kindness of Strangers)…and in true Sheryl style, she was (unknowingly) setting an incredible example of what it means to be a badass for my daughter. Molly recently put her thoughts about Sheryl in a blog. I had to share this heartwarming post, because I think we can all learn from Molly’s perspective. Below is an excerpt with a link to the original blog! Grab a tissue & Give it a read.


“Recently Miss Sheryl had a party at her house just to celebrate her being here and all the incredible things she brings to our little ole world. There was a moment when I saw Miss Sheryl dancing like there was no one watching. This moment really inspired me to live like Sheryl. To live a life of doing what actually makes you happy and dance like nobody’s watching”  

Find Molly’s blog,”Living.” in its entirety at: Life of Mollz

One Comment on “Be A Badass… Because You Never Know Who’s Watching

  1. We all need to remember to be badass, especially women. Because people are watching , leads


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