These Little Dots Can Help The Blind In Big Ways – And I'm Not Talking About Braille

Sometimes it’s the little things you discover along the way, that help makes a blind life easier. So, let’s talk about little dots, and I’m not talking about braille. I’m talking about “Bump-Dots”!

How did Bump-Dots come into my life?

My Husby actually discovered them and gave me some for Christmas. I must admit, I wasn’t too thrilled with this gift. “Really?, What the hell do I do with these stupid things?” I thought to myself. Well, now that I have them all over my house – I. JUST. LOVE. THEM! 

What are Bump-Dots?

Bump-Dots are little round polyurethane “bumps”. They have an adhesive on the bottom so you can stick them on things. They come in various shapes, and some colors. Quick side note… It was brought to my attention that they look like, ummm, little hard nipples. High beams. Headlights. Shit…typical male mind, Right?!? Yeah. Let’s move on.

The nips…I mean, DOTS can be put on appliances, keyboards, remotes, and other things that might be difficult for a blind person to see. Because I can’t see a button on the microwave, or a key on the keyboard, daily life can be a bit frustrating. And trust me…. No one wants to be around a frustrated blind girl!!! Nope!   

How do I use Bump-Dots?

On The Microwave: I used to press, press, press all over the keypad hoping to hit the 1 min. spot. Not a big deal, just frustrating. Now, I have dots on the 1 min., 30 sec., and OFF buttons. Feel it, Press it, Bam!

On My keyboard: There are certain keys that I use a lot!!!!!!!!! Can you guess which ones??? Yeah………… you know which ones!  Ha ha!! Well, I put dots on all the keys that I use most, Including my dictation key.  If I want to delete, I just feel for it. If I want to start dictation, I just feel for it.  Feel it, Press it, Bam!

Never in my life, did I think I would ever have to use my hands for sight. I guess blind girls become pretty good with their hands! (Oh STOP. Get your mind outta the gutter! ha ha!). The point here is, I recommend “Bump-Dots” to anyone who is legally blind. Get these little gems, and make your, (or someone else’s), life less frustrating and more manageable!

If Bump-Dots sound like they would help you or someone you know – Google and order ’em, pick them up from your local blind center or organization, or ask your State Department of Rehabilitation/Blind Services counselor about them. You’ll be glad you did!!

9 Comments on “These Little Dots Can Help The Blind In Big Ways – And I'm Not Talking About Braille

  1. The Kentucky office for the blind hook me up with these things. They are a lifesaver in the kitchen. Microwave, dishwasher and stove. Doesn’t set me back at all.

    I would have to say that your description is pretty much spot on.


    • Hi Joe!
      They are a total ice sooner…. And time saver! I just added them to my washing machine and dishwasher! Love hearing that they work for you too! I hope others will discover them when they read the blog! Thanks for commenting 🙂


    • Ha ha Abby! We would be playing until midnight if I had to feel the dice after every roll!!!


  2. seriously, you are teaching all so much about the things we take for granted. thank you
    I have lost my reading sight and said “it’s frustrating to have glasses all over the place – getting old & going blind sucks!” I felt horrible and stopped my self and thought of you my dear friend… we truly have no idea what we have until it’s actually taken away…never will i say those words again


    • Hi Kirby…. I am finally getting to A lot of replies and you and I have already talked on the phone to catch up. So I will just say thank you for your encouragement and kind words!! XOXO ….. Be thankful for your granny glasses!!!


  3. You know, you’d think companies would think of these types of things so that you don’t have to buy nips … I mean, DOTS 😉 Don’t they already put Braille dots on elevators? Why not start doing things like that on household items? I would guess that not only would blind people appreciate that, but seniors who are losing their vision and so on.

    Maria, you are such an inspiration to me on “looking on the bright side”. I can’t tell you how much your attitude affects me. Hugs!


    • Hi Phyllis! I totally agree that things can be done with appliances, Household items, etc. These days, So many keypads are flat. A little raised surface for numbers, on and off, and timers buttons would help not only visually impaired, But everyone. I am so glad I discovered them…they are a lifesaver!

      You are a very treasured friend from the past and I appreciate your encouragement! 🙂 If we find ourselves in a bar in the future, You know what to order me! Cheers!!


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