GGB Mini | The Gym Members Have My Back!

11178506_10206312899441299_364572181_n (1)Teaching my group fitness class was a little rough today. 

The peeps in my Monday R.I.P.P.E.D. class, (see photo) were so awesome and supportive this morning! Their energy never dropped even when I admitted I was struggling. No, NOT because I couldn’t keep up….oh honey, pleeease…I’m the instructor!….because I started feeling “motion sick”!  Like “bring me the trashcan” sick, right in the middle of class!!

With vision loss, motion sickness has become part of my life. Sometimes the brain and body are movin’ and the vision is like ” Huh? what the hell?  which way are we going?” My eyes are not able to give the brain any (or very little) information because my optic nerves are not fully functioning anymore. Thanks LHON! I know this isn’t a super sciencey explanation, but, I think I’m pretty close as to what happens with me. 

After I explained my blind girl sitch, I restarted the music, took a deep breath, and said “Okay guys, I got this…Nothing is going to keep me from teaching my classes!” At that moment, the class gave me what I needed. They erupted in applause, “Whoots, Yeahs, and Hollas”!! Wow, Oh Wow… I immediately felt like I was wrapped with comforting support by these caring, and sweaty, people as I stood there looking at the front mirror with my back towards them. My “spidey senses” picked up a gentle pressure on my back, like hands holding me up. The presence of positive vibes, invisible energy, or whatever you want to call it…. helped finish the class. 

The gym members are usually the ones that are thanking me for a great class & kicking their butts!  Honestly, I could not continue this job, especially now, without all of them…I know they got my back! Today was a perfect example of that! Love ALL my R.I.P.P.E.D.sters and everything they do for me  as their instructor!


4 Comments on “GGB Mini | The Gym Members Have My Back!

  1. Wow, what an amazing group of people… Maria, I totally understand how you felt today as I have tried so many times to explain to others how or what I feel, but no one seems to get it… You do….. Good for you for not giving up… LHON is the loser here and you are the winner
    my friend… Stay strong…


  2. Maria, they love you. You give so much to your classes.
    That must have been a tough few moments . You got through it with grace and your amazing spirit! Good on you Girl!!


  3. your “spidey senses” are very acute. I believe that more than your members were lifting you up. You are an inspiration to the world. I am glad to subscribe. Hugs and purrs from North Texas.


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