Delicious Enough to Come Back for More

What? What?

I was doing some admin work on my blog site and I came across the “views” stats. Holy shit.

maxresdefaultYOU GUYS…my blog has had over 30,200 views since it was launched in January 2014. That’s incredible! That’s crazy! That’s so damn cool! WHO do I have to thank for that Number?  YOU!!

I am so thrilled that you all believe that GGB is worthy enough to not only read once, but, delicious enough to come back for more! You have subscribed, shared, and commented with your thoughts and feelings. You have freely given me encouragement, support, and love. Me. The girl who never wanted to write this blog, but needed to.

I’ve spent hours pouring my heart out, opening up my personal life, and telling you the raw fucking truth about dealing with vision loss… dealing with Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy.

Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for believing that I could help you in some way with my writing. Thank you for making GGB my new normal. Thank you for going through the good times, bad times, laughter, and tears with me. Thank you for always coming back for more. I’m pretty sure GGB is gomma be around for a while…. So, I suspect that there will be more deliciousness coming to a blog near YOU!  Love you all…xoxo

4 Comments on “Delicious Enough to Come Back for More

  1. I’ve loved reading your blogs. They are great and after meeting you last June at the conference, I appreciate them even more. Thank you for everything you do for everyone associated with LHON. Your support, love, humor etc. is greatly appreciated.
    Big hugs


  2. No surprise that you’ve had so many readers. We LOVE your Blogs! You have a marvelous gift
    of communication.


  3. thank you maria, for the inspirational, funny and very human reactions to your situation….i know of no other person with the resilliance you have shown…..articulately and hysterically funny……… you are the best


  4. I wouldn’t miss your blog for the world .It is sad,profane (my favorite) honest,fucking honest
    FUNNY,amazing,informative,strong,inspiring. loving……you have it all and I LOVE your blog
    Is is a pleasure to know you.
    Grammyerin as I am known as these post grandchildren days


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