60 Heartfelt Thoughts To Pick You Up When You Feel Down

“I can’t go to the grocery store (or any store) by myself anymore. I need someone to read things to me and help find different items for me. The different checkers, who have become my friends, have started to notice that I am not running in and out of the store, several times a week, like I used to. One of the check out gals asked me how I was doing… and I could tell by the look on her face, she knew something was different. I told her about my vision loss and that I was now legally blind.

In the middle of my transaction…. she started to cry. She finished and came around the check stand to give me a long hug. As I walked away, she said “I’ll see you soon Sweetie.”. I smiled back and nodded my head with a yes.

I held It together until I walked out of the store…. Then, I cried. I cried all the way to the car…and on the ride home. I can’t believe this is happening. My life is slowly changing and I am reminded of that every day. I miss my old life sooooo much. I know it’s just going to take some time and I will live through this somehow.”  ~ My Facebook post on November 21, 2013

Oh, the beauty of social media. It keeps a great timeline of your life. Social media also has a cool way of bringing up memories that allow you to reminisce about the past. Thanks Facebook!  Before GGB was created, I posted bits and pieces on FB about my adjustment to vision loss. The “status” above popped up on my memories today. I clearly remember feeling my independence and self-confidence shrinking and my sadness growing rapidly, Just weeks after my diagnosis. The question ,“HOW am I going to live the rest of my life this way?” , was on repeat in my head. And, I really did NOT know the answer. But, my friends did, and they let me know!

__________colorful-heart-painting-1You guys… the amount of love and support that flooded my Facebook in response to my post was overwhelming! Every comment I read translated into someone picking me up and dusting me off.  My friends and family knew I could live this unexpected life. Well, Thank God someone DID! I hope you have as much support as I have had since losing my vision 3 years ago. It is truly priceless.

If you haven’t… I want to SHARE it forward. I’m passing on 60 comments that I received on that original post in 2013. My hope is that these heartfelt thoughts will pick YOU up when YOU feel down. Are there really 60 of them?  You BETCHA!! Go ahead… take what you need. xx

❤️   You will [get through this time]. But it’s okay to mourn sister. Cry your heart out if you need to. It can’t be easy. But yeah, you will live through it!

❤️   I am here to support you, because you supported me when it came time to be fit and healthy, you just do not let good people go through things like this by themselves. I am here for you along with everybody else.

❤️   God will never give us anything we can’t handle… Just trust in him:))

❤️   Hang in there, this shall pass 🙂

❤️   I am so sorry….. I can only imagine what you’re going through……it’s ok to cry

❤️   Thinking of you!!!

❤️   Thinking about my favorite sister… Xo

❤️    It is ok to cry and important that you do. 

❤️   Sending you love and positive vibes always!! xo

❤️   You probably do not have a clue how bad people feel for you and wish it weren’t true…..

❤️   I believe it is so very, very difficult my friend. Sometimes you just need to cry… I am with you! Hugs…

❤️    I’m so sad and devastated for you… but just know we love you!!!!

❤️   You are such a strong person! No doubt that you will handle this like a champ.

❤️   You are so strong! Hang in there! I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Xoxo

❤️    Awwww…reading this breaks my heart and makes me teary eyed 😦 You touch so many people in so many different ways. The world needs more people like you. Thoughts, prayers, love, & hugs. XOXOX.

❤️   Wish I could give a hug too.

❤️   Stay strong, sister. If you need to talk, I know how it is…. I miss my old life, too.

❤️   HUGS

❤️   Big Hugs to you. You truly have so much to still give.

❤️   You are a POWERHOUSE of positivity, love, and light. We all love you and will support you, heck, even the cashier girl loves you!! Being Momma, I wish nothing more than to take this away. Love you, Honey!!! You experience so much passion for life. You are loved and cared for by more than you can imagine. I know you must feel angry and sad, but please don’t let this break your spirit. That truly would be the loss.

❤️   You are such an inspiration to all who know you and don’t ever forget that…..you are AMAZING

❤️   You are amazing! You will somehow figure out how to make this work and come out on top. Look at how you worked out to become this sassy, hot momma with all that hard work. This will not be an easy journey by any means, but you have a team of supporters, just don’t be afraid to ask for help.

❤️    Just know that you are giving us all strength and we are amazed by you. We all love you

❤️   Hang in there…..I will take a sightless you over no you…any day of the week….and I know there are plenty of people out there who feel the same…I always have heard that when you are deprived of one sense it heightens the others…So grab a hand and listen to your friends and family we are here to help and support….come on blind girl…we got this

❤️   Hugs and love!

❤️   You are so strong, I am heartbroken for you. I know you will find joy in your new life.

❤️    Your humor, spirit, & perseverance has gotten you thru a lot in your life. I’m confident you will rise to this calling. I’m still sad about it for you. You are loved, my friend, by many. You are blessed in relationships. Let me know if you…

❤️   WE got this– it’s so hard on you but WE are going to go with you. We can’t remove the pain or fear, I know that. We are just here with the hand to help you and hold you up high.

❤️   You are BRAVE and STRONG! Your family and friends love and support you…stay close to these people for a fulfilling and enriching life!

❤️   Awww I’m so sorry. You are a trooper through this.

❤️   Please remember that we, your students, are also your family and are here to support you as much as we can. 

❤️   Wow, everybody has said it so well. You are not only one of the strongest people I know, but you are surrounded by so many people who truly care and want to be there for you.

❤️   You have some more crying ahead of you, then one day you’ll realize you can have that conversation and not cry. The crying is normal and okay, just know that it’s a phase you’re working through and it will pass. Hang in there.

❤️   You are, and will continue to be, an inspiration. I see a book in your future!

❤️   My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult life change. It’s alright to be sad, vulnerable and to let your guard down. Use those who are willing to help and cry on the shoulders of those that those are willing to lend em’. You have such amazing friends and family. God bless you.

❤️   Big online hugs, you are in my prayers. XOXO

❤️   In my experience…and those escapades have not been for pussies…what I LOST will brought me many new FOUNDlings lol.. hope the language is okay for the person that had to read this to you

❤️   You have the strength to push thru. Remember it’s like learning a new language. Takes lots of practice, you’ll make lots of mistakes, be embarrassed many times. .. but you will master it. And you will be proud.

❤️   We’ll take you anyway we can get you! If you require a shopping adventure, let me know and one will be planned. And I promise to not wear workout tights as pants.

❤️   I don’t know you and I’m tearing up reading this. Stay strong. You have many people who love you.

❤️   You are a STRONG woman! I would love to go shopping with you!!! I am here for you!!!!!! Let’s do it! ♡

❤️   You are amazing and strong and have an awesome support group around you! Keep your head up and always smile, even when you don’t want to. It helps make things just a lil better

❤️    I can’t tell you enough how AMAZING you are and what a HUGE inspiration you are to me and sooooooo many other people!! I am BLESSED to have you in my life. SO MANY people love you and are here for you. I know what you’re going thru is NOT easy, but you will get thru this! Love you ❤ XXOO

❤️   I don’t even know what to say other than I’m here if you need anything. I sent you a private message recently, but I’m guessing you haven’t read it – not sure if you can…..I wish I could magically make your sight come back.

❤️   Love you

❤️   Love always! (((HUGS)))

❤️   I’m sending positive thoughts your way, even though it sounds like you don’t need any. 😉 You are an inspiration!

❤️   Stay strong girl. I can only imagine how hard this is for you. I pray for you EVERY day. If you need anything, never hesitate for a second to ask me.

❤️   You are amazing!

❤️   Hugs 

❤️   Okay….this post made me tear up! You are amazing lady!

❤️   Just breathe I am praying for you.

❤️   Just always keep that beautiful smile on your face 🙂 Oh, and a good glass of wine once in a while always works too 🙂 LOVE YOU !

❤️   You kick ass in the gym and you’ll find a way to kick ass this! Many baby steps lead to big change…you told me that many times and it has gotten me out of bed for a year and a half. DON’T let it beat you…you are more than eyes. I believe in you!!! Furthermore, love does not need eyes..only a heart

❤️   One day at a time, my friend.

❤️   I love your Facebook messages, the insight into your life is either funny, thought provoking or inspirational. I love how you put it all out there. You could write a great book!

❤️   Oh Sweetheart. What amazing strength you have. I am inspired by you.

❤️   Courage you have… I pray daily that God restores your sight just one touch from him and your world can change again… you are so loved lady and what a blessing that is.

❤️   OMG… so many friends with so many physical and life threatening things going on, if I’m canned from my job, which has been a possibility for months, I’ll be able to help you get some shopping done while I look for employment. Stay strong! There’s a lot of us out there that CARE!

❤️   Oh this makes me cry too! I love and miss you… if I can ever do anything please let me know. You will always stay strong and positive, I know…..xoxo

❤️   Put me on the driving list for Tuesday and any am before 9. Love you!

Featured image: Vivid Heart painting by Ivan Guaderrama, www.ivanguaderrama.com

4 Comments on “60 Heartfelt Thoughts To Pick You Up When You Feel Down

  1. The love for you is overwhelming! Any time you need a pick up , and I am sure there are many, just re read these notes of support. And don’t ever forget…, it makes your friends feel good to be asked, when you need some help… driving, shopping ect


  2. Show many positive comments people left for you through these last few years. Never give up. You are still my motivator after all of these time. Hope to see you again one day.


  3. Hi glad you got so much support and hope things are good for you in life. Unfortunately for me I had no support except off my husband and younger daughter, friends became the past and I’m not in a close family. Good luck for your future x


  4. Heartfelt Page is a compilation of all our hearty, mindful, and spiritual thoughts. Let this be a safe place for us to share altogether a bit of our ’round the clock ideas and feels.
    All of you out there who have beautiful hearts are welcome on this page.


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