19 Blind Blessings I’ll Be Bringing Into 2019

As the years go by, some of the blind blunders and battles that made me anxious, angry, or annoyed in the past have slowly converted into what I’m going to call “blind blessings”.

Personally, going blind in a matter of months was the farthest thing from a blessing. I can’t change my eyesight, but I’ve been able to change my mindset (for the most part) about this unexpected life. For example – I can’t drive which totally sucks and always will, but the blessing is that I get to spend more one on one time with friends and family when they drive me places. Such a better way to think about things. Right?

So, I got to thinking. There must be at least 19 of these blind blessing conversions I’ll be bringing, or dragging kicking and screaming, into 2019. Here is what I came up with – not in any particular order.


1. My remaining vision. I have most of my peripheral vision remaining – it’s not great, but I use every bit of it.

2. I am able to “see” people for who they are on the inside – their mind, heart, and soul tell me more about them than the color of their skin, choice of clothing or hairstyle ever will. Trust me, this can be good or bad for some peeps.

3. I have met some fantastic people inside and outside of the LHON and blind community. Many of them have become close friends and confidants.

4. Being recognized and given opportunities to speak about ways to support the blind, use and promote local assistive tech, and/or tell my story to large and small audiences — is amazing. Always an honor and a rapidly growing passion for me.

5. I can’t see the extra 20-ish-or so pounds I’ve packed on post vision loss in the mirror. A blessing and a curse.

6. I don’t see the nasty color of my fruit and veggie smoothie. I just drink the sh*t.

7. My friends can see when my wine glass is almost empty. Needless to say, my glass is rarely empty, and I don’t have to think about getting behind the wheel after one too many. 

8. Stemless wine glasses. Enough said. Perfect for #7.

9. Asking for help, or accepting help, isn’t as difficult as it used to be. It can feel a bit empowering.

10. I can tell the difference between peanut butter, plain, and peanut M&Ms by feel. Explains #5.

11. I can “blindly” cut a piece of cake that is a bit more than I should eat. Oops. Gimme a fork. Explains #5.

12. I’m an old dog who CAN learn new tricks. Assistive technology and Apps for the blind are better than ever – they all just take time to learn.

13. I can scroll through my emails and social media, text and make phone calls, plus lots of other stuff – on my iPhone/iPad even though I can’t see the screen.

14. I’m not obsessed with taking selfies. 

15. I rediscovered my creative side. I can create my own images and graphics on my computer with the use of magnification and  Canva.

 16. Spider? WHAT effing spider??

17. My white cane can get me a front row seat if I work it just right!

18. I can still see the color blue. Blue stemless wine glasses would be wonderful for #7.


19. My blog is, and continues to be successful. It gets shared all over the world by my awesome followers!!  They are the BEST!

So, there ya go. I know there are more than 19 “blind blessings” in my life – but I’m gonna stick to the – 19 into 2019 – theme here. I want to give a big thank you to all of you who follow and share my blog!! You guys are a huge blessing to me!! Wishing you good health, lotsa love, and heaps of happiness in 2019!! X ❤️ – Maria

3 Comments on “19 Blind Blessings I’ll Be Bringing Into 2019

  1. Happy New Year Maria. I have called and left messages my number is 8055588821. You are an inspiration


  2. I lost my central vision overnight, no warning or anything. Almost 2 years later and I’ve learnt to adapt, nothing is impossible 🙂


    • Hi there! I can’t even imagine losing vision overnight. Wow. Good to hear you have come thru with such positivity. Take care! x


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