Tales From The Awkward Side | No. 1

Since losing my vision, I have said the phrase, “Well, THAT was awkward!” many, many times. Yep. There’s no escaping those cringy awkward moments. They’re a part of life – especially when you’re legally blind.

They happen all the time. And yet, the inevitability of a bit of awkwardness here and there, does nothing to offset the embarrassing feelings they can induce. 

A New Blog Series Is Here.

I’ve collected cringe-worthy tales from friends in the Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) FB community to kick off my new blog series, “Tales From The Awkward Side”.

We are not alone when it comes to awkward moments due to vision loss. A situation that may have seemed mortifyingly awkward at the time, often become a piece of comedy gold that you willingly share and laugh about. 

Join me in a collective “Oh no they didn’t!” as you read, relate, and recall your own awkward moments. Remember, if it didn’t kill you, it probably gave you a good tale to tell!!

Tales From The Awkward Side

“We went to a park at Christmas to see the lights with my family . There was a fountain and I thought my niece was next to me trying to look in, so I picked her up to look and the child said”mom“ in a somewhat scared voice. Realizing the child was not mine, I apologized to the mom and explained to her that I was blind and really was not trying to take her child! Thankfully the woman was laughing! My kids joke and say I probably gave the child nightmares. I felt so bad!” – Chrissy

My husband and father-in-law switched places and then I accidentally gave my father-in-law an affectionate side hug.” – Paige

I have had one of the best conversations of my life, with a really interesting person at a nightclub. It was a mirror.” – TJ Jack

One time, I was at Dollar General with my brother. He stayed in the car while I went in to buy something. I came outside, got in the car, and figured he had gone in because he wasn’t in the driver’s seat. Next thing I know, someone started honking, I look next to me, my brother was in his car screaming, “What are you doing?! Get out of that car!!!” I sat inside of some random person’s car, waiting on my little brother, who was in his own car. The cars looked alike (well, to me at least!).” – Alyssa

Once at church, I was walking around greeting people. I shook hands with a couple and began to introduce myself and have some small talk. They were laughing and saying their answers. I realized during the conversation that they were my neighbor’s from across the street whom I chat with constantly. They were just in a completely different situation so I didn’t even think about them. Luckily I played it off like I meant to introduce myself as a joke. I think they probably knew better!” – Derek

Ok you guys, those are just a few of the gems I’ve collected. There are plenty more tales of awesome awkwardness to share with you, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I wrote about  a little awkward moment that happened to me – check out this blog from the archives, “Those Moments That Medicate Us”.

Do you have a Tale From The Awkward Side?

If you do, feel free to email your tale(s) to me at: GirlGoneBlind@gmail.com – and I’ll see if I can work it into the series!!

A few last words from GGB – because there is always that one person.

I am not publishing these tales to show that people who are blind live a life filled to the brim with embarrassment and bad luck. Because we don’t. Awkward moments happen to everyone, and if you can’t giggle and guffaw about some of them, well, you need to learn how to. When the awkward happens due to our blindness, I believe we need to hold on to our ability to laugh it off for our own sanity. xx

9 Comments on “Tales From The Awkward Side | No. 1

  1. Those are great “ awkward” stories and it’s no surprise they
    happened! We who have our vision have some cringe worthy
    moments too!! 👏😊 Lee

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  2. Hi GGB,
    I chuckled all the way through those examples! Just loved ’em. Especially the car one. Something similar happened to me on Main St in our little town. I have a whole book of stories about the Awkward Side in my mobility series. You are so right. These events don’t happen all the time. But when they do, we need to have a good laugh!
    Thanks for mine today!

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    • You are so welcome Amy! These types of stories can be such a lifesaver on the emothl roller coaster of a blind life! Thanks for your comment!! xx

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  3. Thanks for reminding us that humor can take the sting out of many awkward predicaments. Keep sharing, Maria. I love your blog!

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  4. Oh, Maria, these are fabulous. I have a treasure trove of some “awkward” moments, unfortunately, they are stored in that area of the brain that has no memory of them. 🤣 Should any bubble to the surface I’ll be sure to pass them along.


    • Thank you Stephanae! Oh I sure hope something bubbles up from that beautiful mind of yours!! I have a vault full of tales as well!! Eekk!

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