I Ordered From White Cane Coffee And This Is What Happened

If you know me really well, you probably know I am a coffee lovahh! As far as I’m concerned, coffee is the nectar of the gods!

With today being National Coffee Day, I thought I would share my recent experience with White Cane Coffee.

I follow White Cane Coffee on social media and I have wanted to order coffee from them for some time now. I mean, let’s think about this. White canes, coffee love, and supporting the blind community. I am so here for it!!

Because life gets in the way, I finally placed an order with them last week and this is what happened.

For a small business, White Cane Coffee has a nice variety of coffee blends to choose from in both bags and K cups. I thought their website was simple and easy to use. I wanted to buy the Sample Box, and unfortunately, it was out of stock. (Must be a popular item!) So, I chose two blends for my order. I received my box of coffee within a few days which was awesome. I opened the box and inside were two boxes of K cups. Oops, that’s not what I ordered.

I ordered a 16 oz bag of French Roast and a box of Dragon’s Roast K cups. Receiving the order the way it was would not have been a big deal, except I had specifically ordered the French Roast bag to give to a V I friend and she does not have a Keurig coffee machine.

That evening I emailed the folks at White Cane Coffee and kindly told them of the mix up on my order. By the next morning, I had a response from White Cane Coffee, and this is what it said.


Please accept our sincerest apologies for the mix-up. We are sending you the 16 oz French Roast priority mail to you. I have included a 1 pot pack of Dark Roast also. Once again, we apologize for the error in shipping to you.


Bob Willma

White Cane Coffee


Now THAT, my friends, is excellent customer service!!! In the business world, it’s not always about how great a company’s product or service is — but how well the company handles mix ups or mistakes that will keep customers coming back! Bravo, White Cane Coffee! Thank you for making good on my order!

I brewed a few cups of the Dragon’s Roast this morning and it was really good. I hope they get the Sample Box back in stock soon. I would love to order and try more of the blends White Cane Coffee has to offer!

Like me, you can follow White Cane Coffee on Facebook and Twitter!

GGB Note:

I did not write this blog as a collaboration or in partnership with White Cane Coffee. I just love coffee and support their mission to make lives better for the blind and disabled.

4 Comments on “I Ordered From White Cane Coffee And This Is What Happened

  1. Just wanted to share a few words myself on the same subject. I too have ordered from white cane coffee I heard about them on the blind abilities podcast. My service was excellent I received my coffee quickly and fortunately mine was all correct. I am interested in trying the cake ups I was unaware they had those as a choice! If you anyone out there has not tried this company give them a go I would recommend them highly. Also The folks that prepare all their shipments as per my understanding are also disabled and some fashion. I think this is wonderful as well and love giving my money to a company of this stature. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom that I received on my email weekly I really enjoy reading and learning about all the things you write about. g

    Talk soon, brendaSent from my iPhone



  2. Cool. It is always nice to be considered and respected. Coffee is something, in my opinion, that has to be just what I want. Glad to hear you had a good experience. Hugs——-😻


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