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I Didn't Know Bottles Could Talk

SHUT the front door! Are you kidding me? WHY has no one told me about this?? I have been legally blind for almost 3 years and I’m just now finding out about these! This blind find needs to be shared!! What the hell am I… Continue Reading “I Didn't Know Bottles Could Talk”

I Summon Strangers To Give Me Rides

As children, our parents told us to never get in a car with a stranger. Even if they promise you candy and cute puppies…you don’t get in the car. Well, I have a confession. I get in cars with strangers. Yep. They know what… Continue Reading “I Summon Strangers To Give Me Rides”

Those Moments That Medicate Us

All of us blind kids have a good “You won’t believe what happened!” story to share. Most likely, we have more than 1, or 2, or 20 stories. Stories involving close calls, mishaps, or good blind intentions that caused us to feel slightly embarrassed… Continue Reading “Those Moments That Medicate Us”

If All Else Fails… Amazon Prevails

I’m always learning and RElearning how to get things done as I adjust to living with vision loss. I discover helpful little things, and big things, that become favorites of mine. Favorites that help make day to day life a little bit easier to… Continue Reading “If All Else Fails… Amazon Prevails”

I Do It More Than Your Average Girl

  There are a lot of frustrations in life. But let me tell you…. It goes to a whole ‘nother level when you have to adjust to an unexpected life.  A blind life. I got a list of frustrations going in my pretty little… Continue Reading “I Do It More Than Your Average Girl”

She Doesn't Look Blind – She Must Be Drunk

What would you think if you saw a girl slowly walking down a dimly lit flight of stairs, assisted by a friend, as she was leaving a crowded bar – at 1 AM? What would you think if you saw a girl being helped… Continue Reading “She Doesn't Look Blind – She Must Be Drunk”

Tell Me Who You Are

Can you imagine walking around and not being able to see anyone’s face? Sounds a little bit like an episode of the Twilight Zone, right?  Well…as much as I wish it was a TV show… It’s not. It’s my reality. I can’t see people’s… Continue Reading “Tell Me Who You Are”

It's all talk…a lot of talk!

I get asked a lot of questions about how I do things in my daily GGB life. People are curious and I would be too! I thought I would start answering those questions on my blog from time to time. One of the questions… Continue Reading “It's all talk…a lot of talk!”