Sight Loss Can Kiss My Lash!

Every girl wants to be able to look and feel her best. Even us blind girls! We still want a little fancy, some fantastic, and a whole lotta fabulous for ourselves! I might be speaking for only a few of us blind beauties or maybe just me. Whatever…it’s MY Blog! 

Close up photo of one eye with lash extensions on
A photo of my eye with lash extensions!

Well, listen UP girlfriends!! I have been doing  something that makes me feel FAB! EYELASH EXTENSIONS! Where have these been all my life? They are the SHIZZ  y’all! I love, love, LOVE my lashes! They are a simple fix for your mascaraless eyes and you never have to think about them! ….. Don’t we already have enough to think about? Is my shirt inside out, what color is this, can I get a ride, what does this say, who are you, is this a bottle of wine..…. Exhawwusting!

Image says "sure my life isn't perfect but my lashes are!"Maybe I shouldn’t give a crap about my appearance. I mean, I’m 50, I’m blind, everyone would understand my situation, it really doesn’t matter how I look anymore… OH HELL to the NO!  HOLD UP! My appearance matters to ME! I still want back some of the “fabulousness” that LHON took away from me. I did NOT come this far in my life to go blind and  say “F#CK IT!” 

Lash extensions are amazing! They are on 24/7 and I never have to think about them! Sooo, sight loss can“Kiss my lash!” 

I’m bringin’ fabulous BACK to this Girl Gone Blind.


13 Comments on “Sight Loss Can Kiss My Lash!

  1. Sound wonderful, Maria. Just how are they applied? My husband has LHON and, believe me, lashes are not his thing. But I’m very interested.


    • Hi there!
      First of all….. You should do it! The extensions are applied on each individual lash. You can tell them how much volume or length you want. The initial Application takes about two hours but well worth it 🙂 go for it!


  2. Maria, while with you last Saturday, I kept thinking how lovely your eyes were. I thought to myself, how is it I had never before noticed your gorgeous lashes!! Sorry I did not mention it then. Love you! Lee


    • No big deal! I want them to be natural, But noticeable! Wish I had done years ago!! 🙂 Glad you like them….. Thanks!


  3. Told you they would be great! Next….tatoo’d eyeliner and lip color and you never have to worry about make up again! 🙂


  4. Okay Gurl where did you get this done? I’m heading down my mothers path — no eyelashes, no eyebrows. Pathetic. If I could get lashes on that I didn’t have to take off daily, that would be a dream. Now I’m thinking about eyebrow and eyeliner tats because I’m allergic to so many beauty products. Help a girl out 🙂


    • Hey there! Just saw your comment! I got my eyelashes done in Del Mar, East of the race track. A studio called “lashes to Lashes”. I posted about them (with website)on my Facebook about A month ago. 🙂 they are the awesome!


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