GGB Mini | Today Is My 5th Blind Birthday – Here Are 5 Things I’ve Figured Out Along The Way

Today is my 55th birthday and it’s also my 5th blind birthday.
I’ve learned many, many things about myself and the blind world after becoming legally blind 5 years ago. I had every intention of writing a big, long, detailed blog about it. Yep. Well, THAT didn’t happen. Hey! I hear that big huffing sigh of relief coming from some of you! Be quiet!! I then thought a quick and dirty blog is better than no blog, right?? RIGHT!!
In keeping with the “Number 5” theme I’ve got goin’ on today, here are 5 things I’ve personally figured out along the way.
1. I won’t let a new or unexpected GGB opportunity pass me by. If something doesn’t pan out or it’s not for me, I can always create my own opportunities.
2. It’s okay to be scared. Sometimes I have to “Do It Scared” and find out what I’m truly capable of.
3. I am the boss of my own vision loss. It is my business and story to tell. Other people will use my vision loss for their own benefit – and that’s a bunch of bullsh*t.
4. Going somewhere or completing a task independently doesn’t mean I did a “GOOD JOB“ and get a gold star for the day. No. It just means, I did it.
5. Pity parties aren’t fun. There’s no cake, and no one brings presents. I graciously decline any invitations. But, if I hear there’s gonna be cake there – oh, dammit!! I’m gonna need a fork.
Besides learning that age is just a number, there are a bajillion more things I’ve learned, both mentally and physically, over the past 5 years. I have already written about many of these things in previous blogs and I will definitely be writing about more of them in future blogs. I promised this one would be quick and dirty, and I’m keeping my word. Besides, there’s a big piece of birthday cake calling my name! Gotta go! xx

8 Comments on “GGB Mini | Today Is My 5th Blind Birthday – Here Are 5 Things I’ve Figured Out Along The Way

  1. Another good one! I know you had a fabulous birthday celebration—-you are fabulous 😄🍷🎉!


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