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From Passing To Passion – How I Found Strength In The White Cane | Stephanae McCoy

Don’t you just love a good, written from the soul, “white cane” blog? One that honestly tells it like it is? One that you can totally relate to? Yeah, me too!! I recently came across this blog again, and I can truly say, “I…

Giving Up The Key Because I Couldn't See

Traveling back through your life’s timeline is easy – thanks to “Facebook memories”. Scrolling through the pictures and posts is fun and it allows you to reminisce about the good times. But, what about the not so good times? Facebook serves those up too….

That four letter word… C. A. N. E!

So, THAT four letter word has come up. I had the “CANE” chat at my last doctor’s appointment. Of course, my mind started the fight immediately …. Hold UP! I don’t need a cane, I don’t want to carry a cane, I’m not THAT blind!…