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Sight Loss Can Kiss My Lash!

Every girl wants to be able to look and feel her best. Even us blind girls! We still want a little fancy, some fantastic, and a whole lotta fabulous for ourselves! I might be speaking for only a few of us blind beauties or… Continue Reading “Sight Loss Can Kiss My Lash!”

I could be the "Extra Credit"!

  “Mom, you won’t believe what we talked about in psychology today.  The psychological effects of becoming blind!” …shuuut the front door…no way….for real?!?! Tell me more! He told me the professor asked if anyone in class knew someone who was blind. He raised his… Continue Reading “I could be the "Extra Credit"!”

Blind Girls can Rock Heels!

I wanted to share my friend Jessica’s blog. She is a sweet & sassy girl who also lives an unexpected life. We live in different states. We are different ages. I’m just slightly older than her. Slightly…Ha ha!  After our first phone call last October,… Continue Reading “Blind Girls can Rock Heels!”

These Little Dots Can Help The Blind In Big Ways – And I'm Not Talking About Braille

Sometimes it’s the little things you discover along the way, that help makes a blind life easier. So, let’s talk about little dots, and I’m not talking about braille. I’m talking about “Bump-Dots”! How did Bump-Dots come into my life? My Husby actually discovered them and gave… Continue Reading “These Little Dots Can Help The Blind In Big Ways – And I'm Not Talking About Braille”

A Good Friend Will…

A good friend will take a blind girl shopping. ~ She will describe every pair of black workout pants on the rack in complete detail. (That sounds cute!) ~ She will hold them up to show you the length and let you feel the… Continue Reading “A Good Friend Will…”

Ready Or Not… I’m Comin’ Out!

Last year was filled with many doctors, tests, and a long-awaited answer. I think it’s time I come out. Come out and talk about my new reality.  As Donna Summer put it — “I’m comin’ out. I want the world to know, got to… Continue Reading “Ready Or Not… I’m Comin’ Out!”