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Where is the joy?

Have you heard the phrase ”The joy is in the Journey”?  I heard it the other day, and my first thought was… I don’t get it. My next thought was… Where is the “joy” in my journey?  How do I find the “joy” in learning to live… Continue Reading “Where is the joy?”

Do You Remember The Day You Got Your Diagnosis?

  Have you ever received a phone call with some unexpected bad news that changed your life forever? Do you remember the exact day and time?  I have, and I remember the day and time I received my diagnosis.  On September 24, 2013 –… Continue Reading “Do You Remember The Day You Got Your Diagnosis?”

Finding Pieces Of My Life A Year After Vision Loss

  TODAY is my birthday. There were times I wasn’t sure I would, or wanted to, make it here. Somehow, with a lot of therapy, I am here. I made it to my first BLIND birthday. That makes me a little sad and I’ve… Continue Reading “Finding Pieces Of My Life A Year After Vision Loss”

What a Difference!

A year ago…..I was on vacation with my family taking in the happy and fun of Disneyland. I had no idea I was losing my vision. I didn’t know what LHON was or that it even existed. What a difference a year can make.… Continue Reading “What a Difference!”

"B" is for…..?

  I LOVE THIS!  I just got a gift from a dear friend. It’s a beautiful silver bracelet with a charm that has a little letter “B” on it. What does that “B” stand for? … No…NOT the B word that rhymes with ”witch”! … Continue Reading “"B" is for…..?”

I didn't want to Surrender

I never thought I would have one of these hanging blue handicap thingies. Well shit. I never thought I would be blind either! When the idea of getting a handicap placard came up… I wanted NOTHING to do with it! I’m not handicapped! I… Continue Reading “I didn't want to Surrender”

The Plot Twist I Never Saw Coming

I stumbled across these thoughts from a mother of a disabled child. Her words describe, in great detail, the unforeseen plot twist in her motherhood fairytale. I did not have a disabled child come into my life. I did however, have a disabled adult… Continue Reading “The Plot Twist I Never Saw Coming”

Welcome To The Storm… Holding On Tight As I Lose My Sight

Storms can be big or small. Storms can last for hours or days. I’m not talking about the weather here. I’m talking about emotional storms. The storms that occur in your mind. In the eye of an emotional storm, there is no happiness or light.… Continue Reading “Welcome To The Storm… Holding On Tight As I Lose My Sight”

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

There are days that I don’t think about being blind. There are days when all I think about is being blind. Today is a day that all I think about is being blind…and It makes me incredibly sad. Today is a day I feel… Continue Reading “Some Days Are Harder Than Others”