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You Can’t Replace A Face

I miss my family and friends so much. They didn’t go anywhere…. In fact, I see many of them everyday. There IS something different about them. There IS something different about me. The difference is that I’m legally blind and their faces do not… Continue Reading “You Can’t Replace A Face”

It Was Time For New Blind Skills And Kitchen Thrills

It’s no secret. I’m not a very good cook. Actually, I’m a horrible cook. And NO, it’s not because I’m blind. I just seriously suck at cooking. Perhaps it’s because I’ve just never had any love for the art of cooking. Paper goods or drinks are… Continue Reading “It Was Time For New Blind Skills And Kitchen Thrills”

Finding Pieces Of My Life A Year After Vision Loss

  TODAY is my birthday. There were times I wasn’t sure I would, or wanted to, make it here. Somehow, with a lot of therapy, I am here. I made it to my first BLIND birthday. That makes me a little sad and I’ve… Continue Reading “Finding Pieces Of My Life A Year After Vision Loss”

Sight Loss Can Kiss My Lash!

Every girl wants to be able to look and feel her best. Even us blind girls! We still want a little fancy, some fantastic, and a whole lotta fabulous for ourselves! I might be speaking for only a few of us blind beauties or… Continue Reading “Sight Loss Can Kiss My Lash!”

I Do It More Than Your Average Girl

  There are a lot of frustrations in life. But let me tell you…. It goes to a whole ‘nother level when you have to adjust to an unexpected life.  A blind life. I got a list of frustrations going in my pretty little… Continue Reading “I Do It More Than Your Average Girl”

The Plot Twist I Never Saw Coming

I stumbled across these thoughts from a mother of a disabled child. Her words describe, in great detail, the unforeseen plot twist in her motherhood fairytale. I did not have a disabled child come into my life. I did however, have a disabled adult… Continue Reading “The Plot Twist I Never Saw Coming”

She Doesn't Look Blind – She Must Be Drunk

What would you think if you saw a girl slowly walking down a dimly lit flight of stairs, assisted by a friend, as she was leaving a crowded bar – at 1 AM? What would you think if you saw a girl being helped… Continue Reading “She Doesn't Look Blind – She Must Be Drunk”

That four letter word… C. A. N. E!

So, THAT four letter word has come up. I had the “CANE” chat at my last doctor’s appointment. Of course, my mind started the fight immediately …. Hold UP! I don’t need a cane, I don’t want to carry a cane, I’m not THAT blind!… Continue Reading “That four letter word… C. A. N. E!”

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

There are days that I don’t think about being blind. There are days when all I think about is being blind. Today is a day that all I think about is being blind…and It makes me incredibly sad. Today is a day I feel… Continue Reading “Some Days Are Harder Than Others”

Ready Or Not… I’m Comin’ Out!

Last year was filled with many doctors, tests, and a long-awaited answer. I think it’s time I come out. Come out and talk about my new reality.  As Donna Summer put it — “I’m comin’ out. I want the world to know, got to… Continue Reading “Ready Or Not… I’m Comin’ Out!”