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Giving Up The Key Because I Couldn't See

Traveling back through your life’s timeline is easy – thanks to “Facebook memories”. Scrolling through the pictures and posts is fun and it allows you to reminisce about the good times. But, what about the not so good times? Facebook serves those up too.… Continue Reading “Giving Up The Key Because I Couldn't See”

When You Lose Your Sight, Do You Gain Super Hero Hearing?

“Did your hearing get better after you lost your vision?”. I can almost guarantee that someone will ask me this question when having a conversation about my vision loss. Hey, I understand…inquiring minds want to know, and I have no problem answering this commonly… Continue Reading “When You Lose Your Sight, Do You Gain Super Hero Hearing?”

The Girl Gone Blind Podcast Collection

A podcast collection? Yes, I just put it together! This collection contains interesting, insightful, and incredible conversations I’ve had with some fantastic people from many parts of the world. Although you can find links to a plethora of podcasts, and other good stuff, under… Continue Reading “The Girl Gone Blind Podcast Collection”

Be A Badass… Because You Never Know Who’s Watching

Kids are like sponges that absorb every attitude, approach and response they see from their parents or other adults as they go about their daily lives. Kids watch us as we laugh until we cry, face our fears, dance like divas, fight battles like… Continue Reading “Be A Badass… Because You Never Know Who’s Watching”

My Transition From Sighted Mom to Blind Mom

With Mother’s Day upon us here in the states, RNIB Connect Radio (UK) asked me to talk a little bit about my transition from a sighted mom to a mom who is legally blind. To say it was incredibly difficult would be an understatement. I had so many… Continue Reading “My Transition From Sighted Mom to Blind Mom”

What's The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Nifty About Going Blind at 50?

So, what’s the good, the bad, and the not so nifty about going blind at 50? Oh, I CAN tell you! How much time do you have? An hour, or two, or twenty? Ha ha! Well, last week I spoke with Tara Briggs, the… Continue Reading “What's The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Nifty About Going Blind at 50?”

Thoughts For My Child Who Now Has a Blind Parent

For my child who drives to pick up their siblings because I can’t drive. For my child who may need to arrange for a ride from a friend because I can’t give them one. For my child who says “curb!” without even realizing it when walking… Continue Reading “Thoughts For My Child Who Now Has a Blind Parent”

How I Solved Our Family Sock Struggle

Why do family members dislike matching socks so much? Is it just my family or what!?! I did it for years and I didn’t like it either! But, I guess I had to do it because I was the “Mom”. After losing vision, this… Continue Reading “How I Solved Our Family Sock Struggle”

My Mom Went Blind and My Life Began To Unwind | Molly Johnson

Being 14 years old already sucks enough or at least I thought it did. Then throw in your mom going blind within a matter of 8 months…it was more than this young teenager wanted to deal with. Adding that into my melting pot of… Continue Reading “My Mom Went Blind and My Life Began To Unwind | Molly Johnson”

Who is Girl Gone Blind?

Who is Girl Gone Blind? How did I get to this point? What’s my deal? Have you ever heard my story?  T. Reid of “Reid My Mind” really captured what it was like to unexpectedly lose my vision in this interview on November 30,… Continue Reading “Who is Girl Gone Blind?”